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New Year, New You?

New Year, New You?

Well, it is once again that time of year when we are bombarded with the “new year, new you” mantra. I know it is a great thought and everyone means well when they say it. I’ve even said it myself a time or two, but it is really a ‘new’ you you are after? What’s wrong with the ‘old’ you? Maybe we’re looking at this all wrong.

Over the past four years I have been on an amazing journey. Taking my health into my own hands and finding that I alone have the power to change my path has been eye-opening to say the least. No longer a victim of circumstance, it is up to me to become all that I am capable of being. Finding that power has lead me into so many new realms. Four years ago, I never dreamed that I would be an entrepreneur! I would have laughed if you had told me I would be in love with fitness and healthy nutrition. The crazy thing about it is, I am the same person now that I was then, I’ve just come to realize I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to. This passion I have now has been inside me all along, I just didn’t know what to do about it. That is what the vast majority is not aware they possess! The power to direct their journey instead of just mindlessly traveling through life.

So, when you say, ” New year,  new you” it tends to lead us to believe that the person we are isn’t quite good enough, when actually, we are and have been all along, we just haven’t learned how to tap into our full potential yet. So maybe we need to think of a new mantra for 2018. Something like, “New year, new mindset of limitless possibilities.” Okay, so I need to work on that, but you get the idea.



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