Healthy lifestyle and fitness coach. Sharing my 50 pound weight loss story and helping those who are ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

My New eBook is Here

My New eBook is Here

Have you decided you want to give this healthy lifestyle thing another shot, but you just don’t know where to begin? I’ve been where you are and I know how daunting it may seem. One thing I have learned about making a lasting change is you must change your mindset around your weight, food and fitness. Ask yourself a few questions and really think about your answers. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight? How will losing x-amount of weight make you feel? What is it about how you feel now that you aren’t happy about? Once you get a good look at your reasons for wanting better health you will find you will become unstoppable as you set out towards your goals.

This eBook will help you look into those questions as I talk about my own journey into better health.




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