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Friday Fave-Passion Planner

Friday Fave-Passion Planner

It is the new year and that means a new planner! Are you like me and get super excited with new notebooks, new pens, bright white paper with nothing but possibilities on it? I am a little obsessed with office supplies. It must be the inner secretary in me that pulls me towards the office aisle. So, when I say I’m super stoked to open my new planner this year you’ll understand.

I have been using the Passion Planner for about 3 years now and I am hooked. I love the feel of the cover, and all the writing room inside. This year however, I have fallen in a little deeper into the Passion Planner world. I downloaded the free inserts they offer on their website. These have changed my organizational world! I have also set on a color system of planning. I use a different color of highlighter and pen for each of my topics which are Me time, Family time, and Business. I am a color code kind of girl, so I am having way too much fun with this. It has made things much easier for me. I have found that if I don’t write it down it doesn’t get done.

I started setting goals and actually working towards reaching them only 4 years ago. Before then, I just coasted through life and let happen what would happen. I didn’t really believe I had much of a say in how my future unfolded. Then I found out about goal setting and was surrounded by successful people who all set goals, reached them and set bigger, scarier goals only to reach those and set even higher ones! I was intrigued and let’s just say the rest is history.

So, I’m cracking open my favorite planner today. Setting up the month for success and moving forward. I challenge you to set new goals this month. Make them so big you feel a little uncomfortable telling your best friend about them, but do it anyway. You’ll see what I mean.

Love, Pam

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